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To be blunt...I LOVE SUSHI. I am always trying new places. Below I have laid out my favorite places in Vegas where I live. It will be updated as time passes. So get out there and eat ya jagbags!


Sushi Twister


Oyshi Sushi

Gorilla Sushi

Every now and then you stumble on a gem. I was out doing my thing. It was Sunday and Beautiful outside and I see what looked like a grocery store. Now with the scam-demic it looked closed because the parking lot was empty. I still went over to it to check. As I was walking up people emerged from the building. Now I know its open (yay).....That's when I hit the jackpot! This place is amazing. Yes very pricey, but they have the best of the best. They supply most of the restaurants on the strip but still service the public. 2 words "A5 Wagu" in stock. I saw them beauties with my own eyes. I was sober so it was real. Look I posted what I could about it below, buy you have to go. Click the title to visit site.

PS: Bring money.

So here we have Brigg's Oyster Company. This place has the best happy hour. But right now you can kiss that happy hour goodbye until we all get off house arrest. look people if you do not enjoy sucking down slimy oysters then keep scrolling. I will secretly judge you as I do everyone when they pass up great food. Now, if you do like oysters listen up! $1 AN OYSTER. They have great deals on everything when they do happy hour. So now you have something to look forward too...Your welcome.

Click the image below for the link to the website and click the other two photos for a surprise.

Briggs Logo.jpg

Next on the list we are going to go fancy. Wing Lei. I ate here when my friend won a trip to Vegas. This was before I moved here. He Won a trip "Be Conor McGregor for a weekend". Now I don't know If Connor ever ate here but this place knocked me out! I paid $350 for a meal. It was...well a lot of courses. I do not remember exactly. The food was phenomenal. If you are in town, first and foremost stay at the Wynn at least once, and also eat here. Its a very pleasant experience. They imported the trees you see in the picture below, straight from China. They didn't even know if they would survive. They did survive, so now you get to look at 100 year old trees from china while you eat. You are welcome!

Click Wynn image to visit site. The other images will take you where I tell them to take you Jagbag!


Well we are at the Wynn, why leave right? There is another place I will HIGHLY recommend, and that place is The Buffet at the Wynn. Look, I am a buffet kinda guy and they are a dime a dozen in this city...BUT...This place is off the damn meat rack! I would fight someone if I was denied service its so damn good. Breakfast is my squads demo, but dinner is just as good if not better. Make sure your are really stoned because you do not want this to go to waist. I mean really be ready to put shit down like a food soldier! Leave the kids in the room (I mean why the hell did you even bring them to Vegas? We are in an economic depression and you cant find a damn babysitter? WTF!). Sneak out for a bite before they wake up. I just do not want to hear kids bitching that early in the morning while I am trying to max on the best buffet in the world.  Link in the image...One is a mystery so figure it out Jagbag.

456_The Buffet_Dessert_Tower_Barbara_Kra

Alright, Lets talk steak! Yes my favorite. Vegetarians keep on a scrolling! I know 'The poor animals" Just know I don't go around telling you all to stop eating plants ok! Do what you want! FREEDOM! So Echo and Rig, By far a steak house/butcher to remember. This place is fantastic! So go eat NOW! You will thank me later. (accepting gift cards for all restaurants listed).

Link in the...come on man you know by now.

Echo and Rig.jpg
Echo and Rig 3.jpg

Ok so lets head downtown for some late night drunk dining. I was at rebar and met some people. We continued to get loaded to a point where we should of just went home but we ended up at Jammyland. This is a very good bar. The drink selection is off the chain. The bartender knew what was up. I had jerk wings and ribs. In the end the food knocked my damn socks off. Some really magical things going on in that kitchen. Find the link in the images and laugh!


Now on the West side of town Red Rock has some shit going down with food and gaming. I had a friend in from Chicago (The food capital of the world...Do not argue with Chicagoans about this, We will fight you until then end). We were drinking at the bar and decided to try Hearthstone. We did not make a mistake. This place has a wide selection of great food. The atmosphere is incredible. Just go, and thank me later. Links in the images.

hearthstone 2.jpg
Hearthstone Kitchen1.jpg


Now speaking of Chicago, there are some food things you just cant get very easy being out of the Mecca I used to call home. I do miss a lot of things other then family and friends. (Not the damn taxes that is for sure). Here I will link some things that you can get to make you at least feel like you are home...Well a little bit. The first two picks link to Hot Dogs and Beef Sandwiches. The big pic just takes you to the whole Vienna Beef Store. That way you can just get what you want to get.


Now Vienna Beef is not all there is to offer. I will link things and find more and more ways to source things from the city to make you all fat and happy. Here are a few more options for your belly. Now you see that Pizza Puff down there. Yeah that one. I have been trying to get those for a while and I could not find them on amazon so I linked Iltaco Foods direct. So worth it. Deep fry, or air fry that thing and let the fireworks begin in your mouth!