The End is Near.

Some may think this is a negative statement. But to a positive thinker all ends bring new beginnings. This is my first post of my blog. Welcome! We live in crazy times. Its hard for everyone right now. You do not know who you can trust these days. The level of bullshit that we take in is unheard of. I say go with your gut. Love each other. I know we are a divided bunch right now. but we can not let evil divide us. That is what is happening believe it or not. Now to the meat and potatoes.

I may say some things some people will not agree with. I really could care less. We have the right to speak our minds. EVERYONE. You do not have to spend time here. The internet is huge. Have at it.

What is coming cannot be stopped. The truth always comes out as everyone knows because we have all told a lie.

It just does not work. Then It usually ends up eating away at your soul until you can not take it anymore.

I believe this Virus was created in the lab as a weapon. I also believe that its being used to control us in every way we live our life.

When I want to sell someone something there are little tricks I use to do so. Putting the product in the persons hand. (Creating Ownership) Telling the person that there are only a few left. (Fear of Loss) The list go's on. The favorite of most sales people is fear. You want someone to do something, scare the ever loving shit out of them. It works on even the best sales person. That is what is being done to you right now. You can deny it all day and you are still wrong.

Now my opinions of this virus go deeper then what I have just said. I will leave that for another talk. Just know There is not even a sample of the virus. Go research that please. Also how PCR tests work.

Everything is a distraction right now from what is surfacing in Arizona. Based on my Intel, when the truth comes out you will

see a complete communication blackout. Prepare yourself.

You need to be ready to undergo a false flag event/attack. These have always been used to distract you from the truth.

A good example is the 2.4 trillion dollars that went missing during the events on Sept. 11 2001. Yes, All about the money.

Building 7.

I know on this site I try to have a place where people can escape this madness. We cannot run away from this shit anymore.

I am betting this month gets crazy. I have been wrong before. The conditions are perfect for a storm though.

In closing I have to ask...Would you take a experimental drug that has not been approved by the FDA for a Virus that has not been isolated, (meaning no sample has been collected) being pushed by Big Pharma and Politicians, (Proven liars) and if you do not your are banished from everyday life? Do me a favor go ask a Cuban right now what they are protesting for. Here I will tell you. FREEDOM. They do not have the second amendment so they could never protect the first. That is what we are losing right now. Do not fall for the scam. We are better and smarter than that. Well I hope.

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