A while back I picked up the Infuzium 420. I was on my way to making tincture, butter and infused oils. I used trim because it was cheap as fuck, and still got everyone high as hell. Not only can you infuse cannabis but I was infusing olive oils, and coconut oils with different types of peppers and flavors for cooking all sorts of things. This has been one of the best investments I have made in long time.

This unit does not decarboxylate the flower! If you want a Rolls Royce click here baller!

Pick up one for yourself and support my site! You can thank me later!


I also just picked up one of these. The activator! This will decarb your flower perfect and leave no smell behind. Get the most out of the flower and make sure the edibles you make are at the maximum potency. Pick one up here.



Now I mentioned tincture...

This is cannabis concentrate. Its made with of course your favorite flower and grain alcohol. The infuzium 420 makes this a very easy process. the best part is you can drop a little into your coffee in the morning, or into a drink while you are out. Shit I drop it right on my tongue because I'm a Total Jagoff. I mean what ever makes you happy right?


Now another use for the tincture its to make gummy candy. I used 3 cups of tincture on my last batch. That was around 400 gummy bears, 2 ounces of flower to each cup. So 6 ounces in the batch. To say the least they were very fucking strong. That is a good thing for most people, but there will always be that guy that eats around you know THE WHOLE FUCKING BAG, and ends up having an episode. (If you cant handle your drug intake, take up a new damn hobby) I will leave it to you to find out how much you want to use. I'm not your damn father.



There is of course a butter setting...

1. Cookies

2. Brownies

3. Rice Crispy Treats

4. Chocolate

Do I have to go on...you get the picture right?

I like to find cool bags online and get them wholesale. It makes your product look professional, and when I give them out people love it. They make great gifts, or you can sell them.


Here is some tincture I made. The stuff lasts forever. I use 1 of them per batch.


Here is some Dank's Hot sauce! A Total Jagoff favorite!


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